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Fun, Fun, Fun


I’ll have a better photo to post here later, I hope.  But this is the one that showed up so this is the one I’ll go with for now.  My new cabinet, finally built and in place, TV, WiFi and cable box on top, but the rest of that will have to wait a moment til I managed to get the photo to actually “take” in my library.  I’m getting in a rush and things are not working out too well that way.  




I’m still marvelling at how these two pieces, purchased two years apart at two different places are so perfectly matched.  The new one, glass doors and all, was a joint effort when it came to constructing it.  Getting it home was the first challenge, solved when I found a gentleman here in my building who has a truck. He brought it home and up to my apartment, but was not able to help with the construction.  My friend across the hall was in bad health at the time and couldn’t help, so I pulled it all out of the carton, separated the parts, then began what I could of the construction.  Not much of a start, because it seemed to grow heavier with each movement, so after a couple of hours I called it a job well begun, crawled in my nest and slept a couple of days.  Well, maybe hours is closer, but sleep is always good.

My neighbor from across the hall came over a few days later, bringing electric toys, um, tools, and got it about 2/3 finished before being called away, and son, Mike came on Wednesday, accompanied by the angel he married, and they finished the job.  Mike is now getting around with one crutch, but still scared me a couple of times when he started trying to walk around.  Way too much like my way of moving to suit me.  It was great to see him in less pain though, and I still think Janette deserves sainthood, all the medals in the world, being voted best wife of the century, and any other accolade around for having to put up with my little boy when he is confined to home and unable to get out on that farm, or back to work for that matter.

Guess it is time for me to call it a day.  A very full day, with company most of it, watching classic movies on TV, talking and generally just having a good time.  But it just occurred to me I haven’t had lunch yet and it is almost time for my midnight snack. This could be really serious, folks.  Food on hand and I forgot to eat it?  Tragic!  Have a great weekend.  A.

Wha’ The Heck?

Featured Image -- 550

I found a few treasures while noodling around on my android device today.  This photo, created for me when I first began blogging by Don Charisma, fellow blogger, was one of those.  This was the name of my first blog from several years ago, lost after I took it to a paid account, much the same as my latest, http://reflectionsonlife.com.  I’m not sure why this venue is doing this to me, but it is totally frustrating.  WP is the easiest venue as far as writing, editing and posting, but for some reason as soon as I try taking it a step farther by paying for more space it just seems to go away, show up on an open market site with a “‘for sale”  sign attached, or just absolutely disappear from view.  I’m not sure how I managed to find the three posts from the past that I reblogged earlier today, but I was certainly happy to find them.  Especially since it hasn’t been that long since I deleted these posts and just stopped blogging for several months while I played catch-up with my health problems.


I’m now going to try to find the old, original posts just so I can remember what it was like in the beginning, before my sense of humor took a slight turn to the sour, acerbic side.  I’ll continue checking my android for the good old days of blogging, and reblog as many as possible, while continuing to add more from this new site I had to create after attempting to take http://reflectionsonlife.wordpress.com to http://reflectionsonlife.com, a paid site that supposedly adds more options.  As I have discovered, the new options include loss of the site, only to find it offered for sale on something called “Blog Domains”.  Having already paid for that domain, with papers to prove it, I have absolutely no intention of  paying whoever helps themselves to the WP sites for access to my own blog, paid for with accompanying paperwork, for the privilege of using that site.  Therefore, please, just ignore that site from now on, because even I can’t bring it up myself, and follow me on this one that you are reading now.  In a few days I’ll just delete the old one, after an attempt to force WP to refund my money, and try to just get rid of everything that has to do with it, and use this as my primary.  OR, even better. I’ll just make this one the primary so I can find it myself without jumping thru hoops in the attempt. I sure miss all of my WP friends, especially when I try to click on the comments and nothing happens.  Love you all.  A

Memories Again


For the uninitiated, this is a pot of burgoo.  Probably this pot is being made at one of my sibling’s home, because it isn’t one of my pots, but this is definitely the much coveted food of the gods in my family, at least the family that still eats meat (speaking of my daughter here, a vegetarian now.).  And to add a note about my daughter and burgoo, she once attempted to make a vegetarian version of this sacred dish.  Don’t ever try that! My daughter is a great cook, a worthy member of a family filled with great cooks, but to leave the meat out of burgoo was not her shining moment.  It just never works.  The original recipe for this was whittled down from 60 gallons to approximately one gallon.  It never works out as only one gallon, because by the time everything is added, mutton or beef, chicken, corn, potatoes, cabbage, onions and tomato juice, usually home canned when we were growing up, the pot always overflows! Add some flavoring to the mix and it grows a bit more.  Oh, did I mention that everything except the corn is ground?  That would account for the fact that we don’t make this on a regular basis.

youngcousins Whole Gang 2

The top photo is of some of us a day or two ago — probably in the early 1950’s.  The lower picture was taken of the portion of the family who made it to our last big reunion, June of 2000.  The estimated number was between 250 and 300 family members, approximately half the family.  Hey, my Grandmother raised 12 kids!  What did you expect to see?   We are in age groups from my group — now the elders, to the ones I still think of as the children.  That would be everyone younger than the brother who is just under me  in age.  Most of those children are grandparents themselves now, but at times like this I’m firmly stuck in the ’50’s, sometimes wishing we could go back for a day or so.


I am still working on retrieving some of the old photos, but for now will share the ones I’ve managed to save over the years.  One of my cousins pointed out last week that June 12 was our Grandmother’s birthday, and this would have been 128 years, if I remember it correctly.  Sometimes I forget if I remember things or not, but it is wonderful to be part of such a large, vibrant family.  Only one of our biological Aunts is still living, and we have one Aunt and one Uncle by marriage still with us.  The biological Aunt has always been our “second” Mom, the keeper of our history, and the one I now turn to for identifying people and dates.  My Mother’s youngest sister, “Mama Rie” is closer in age to my generation than the others, 10 years younger than my Mom, and I won’t even try to do the math on that one.  Numbers still give me a headache, make my eyes cross, and when I run out of fingers and toes are completely impossible to do anything with.  We should all ban math from our lives just to save people like me the headaches that go with it.

Have a good rest of your weekend.  I’m gonna be spending most of my time for now looking for my lost photos.  A.



Family Memories

LeoI’ll be sharing some of my memories, as well as those of my family members for a little while.  Some parts will be memories shared by my Mom, told to me and written down from emails she sent to one of my sibs.  Wish I could expand on that one, but my siblings all prefer that I don’t use their names, so some photos will be posted as well as their memories.

The photo above is my Uncle Leo, an unsung hero of WWII.  And the first that I want to talk about.  My Aunt recently told me a very new story about her brothers, and this is one that she shared.  Leo fought his way from North Africa up to Europe, being the only survivor three times that I’ve heard of.  My Uncle Vird was in Paris when he and Leo first met up during the war.  Vird had checked a jeep out of the motor pool, reasons I don’t know, and was driving along one of the streets in Paris when he spotted Leo on a street corner, tired, disheveled and seemingly alone in the world.  He stopped and yelled, “Hey, soldier, want a ride?”  Leo jumped at that offer, got in the jeep and thanked his big brother without ever looking up to see who was driving.  It only took a couple of minutes before Vird let him know just who his chauffeur happened to be.   They then spent the rest of their time together, just happy to be family together again.  

Vird & Leo

This photo is of Leo and Vird, possibly during that first meeting, but possibly not.  I know from later years that Leo never spoke to his kids about his experiences during the war, and I find it so typical of him.  Who would ever want to relive the horror of the things he saw and experienced.  He was a machine gunner, and my personal memories of him — when I was old enough to begin having memories, are of a curly haired young man with a remarkable sense of humor.  He built his family home behind ours, out there on Highway 81, and we were always right there for the bulk of his fun.

One of his favorite descriptions of my older brother was “a big long slim slick sycamore sapling”.   Try saying that really fast a few times.  He was a great cook, as were most of my Aunts, Uncles, grandparents (well, Grandmother, anyway!) and my Mom.  Back in the day we had a family reunion every summer and after Leo built his home he added a barbecue pit, so that was the place to go on that day.  My uncles had perfected their own sauce recipe, one that I still use today when I barbecue anything, even if I do it in the crock pot.  And he was also the one who brought home the recipe for burgoo, that local pot of heavenly taste that goes so well with barbecue.  Not a soup, not a stew, but something in between, filled with meat and veggies, all ground up and cooked over outdoor fires for at least 12 hours.  Mom managed to cut the 60 gallon recipe down to one for 5 gallons, give or take, and one of my sibs managed to cut it down to one gallon.  Hoo-RAh for them, because I don’t have a prayer of cutting recipes down.  I seem to always make more than the original.  

Leo B

One last photo for today, Leo standing somewhere in a field, probably in France, but I’m not sure.  My photo just had his name and “somewhere during WWII” written on the back.  I have a hard time remembering when those photos I would always remember were taken in my own time, so I doubt if anyone will remember when this one was taken.  We just feel privileged to have them and so thankful that our Uncles all came home.  Now if we could only go back for a few hours, I would know the questions to ask them.  A.

Don’t Know If I’m Coming Or Going



While going thru my photos earlier this week I came across these two.  The people who have seen them, including my daughter, thought they are of the same baby.  Nope!  The top one is my daughter, the next one is my sister.  And when I challenged my daughter to pick out her photo, she chose the wrong one!   My sis will love that!  But seriously, they really do look so much alike it would be easy for people who haven’t had the photos for over 50 years to make that booboo.  I also noticed, in looking at a photo of my sister’s granddaughter, she also looks just like these two.  The difference is only in the clothing in her case.


This is Jennifer, my baby that I will be with soon.  At least that’s where I hope to go!  I never got a chance to hold her on this level, so it’s exciting to think about finally seeing and holding her in heaven.  I know, things are very different in the next plane, but I can find comfort in believing she will be a baby and that I’ll finally get to hold her.  I have thought often about Jennifer taking my puppy, Max for long walks where he runs free.  After all, dogs are people too, right?

I can feel my heart acting up now.  Interesting that after being told 8 years ago I would need open heart surgery within a year I am only now feeling a few problems.  MS is like that though.  And MS is the culprit here, a condition I’ve lived with since I was 11.   We didn’t know about it back then, and it’s still something that is considered an “orphan” disease.  I could have left that one in an orphanage somewhere and been just as happy.  I guess someone had to have it though, and it has made me who I am today — a complete train wrecked lifestyle and everything that goes with train wrecks.

13239220_281245228877592_7486238907476029677_nSince I mentioned Max it occured to me that I should put his photo on here.  Lucky for me he was never spoiled.  And if  you believe that, I have this blue bridge for sale.  It spans the Ohio River — the bridge, not Max.   It really is a nice bridge, a bit on the narrow side, but the blue blends well with the sky — provided the sun is out and not the clouds!

I’m sitting on a very uncomfortable lump of something right now, so that just seems like a good point to end this one.  Today has been okay so far, but I just got up so things haven’t had a chance to get very hairy yet.  Love all y’all.