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Fun, Fun, Fun


I’ll have a better photo to post here later, I hope.  But this is the one that showed up so this is the one I’ll go with for now.  My new cabinet, finally built and in place, TV, WiFi and cable box on top, but the rest of that will have to wait a moment til I managed to get the photo to actually “take” in my library.  I’m getting in a rush and things are not working out too well that way.  




I’m still marvelling at how these two pieces, purchased two years apart at two different places are so perfectly matched.  The new one, glass doors and all, was a joint effort when it came to constructing it.  Getting it home was the first challenge, solved when I found a gentleman here in my building who has a truck. He brought it home and up to my apartment, but was not able to help with the construction.  My friend across the hall was in bad health at the time and couldn’t help, so I pulled it all out of the carton, separated the parts, then began what I could of the construction.  Not much of a start, because it seemed to grow heavier with each movement, so after a couple of hours I called it a job well begun, crawled in my nest and slept a couple of days.  Well, maybe hours is closer, but sleep is always good.

My neighbor from across the hall came over a few days later, bringing electric toys, um, tools, and got it about 2/3 finished before being called away, and son, Mike came on Wednesday, accompanied by the angel he married, and they finished the job.  Mike is now getting around with one crutch, but still scared me a couple of times when he started trying to walk around.  Way too much like my way of moving to suit me.  It was great to see him in less pain though, and I still think Janette deserves sainthood, all the medals in the world, being voted best wife of the century, and any other accolade around for having to put up with my little boy when he is confined to home and unable to get out on that farm, or back to work for that matter.

Guess it is time for me to call it a day.  A very full day, with company most of it, watching classic movies on TV, talking and generally just having a good time.  But it just occurred to me I haven’t had lunch yet and it is almost time for my midnight snack. This could be really serious, folks.  Food on hand and I forgot to eat it?  Tragic!  Have a great weekend.  A.