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Award And nothing much to show for it.  Except, of course, another sinus headache and flowing nasal passages — just a nicer way to say a runny nose.  I’m thinking hard about having my nose pierced and hanging a bucket under it.  That would be a lot cheaper than going thru a box of tissues a day.  It might look strange for a while, but I really think people would get used to it.  After all, when I shaved my head they got used to seeing me in hats.  I still wear the hats because the only mirror in my apartment is in the bathroom, above the sink, so every time I wash my hands I see my hair.  And my hair sticks out in places.  So…I grab the scissors and start snipping.  That means I end up bald in spots and have longer hair in some places.  And each time…

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Train Wreck Cleanup

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Remember the mess I made when I fell against the shelves a couple days ago?  Well, today my cleaning lady was here.  And this, 100_2391 is the beginning of the cleanup area.  More to go, but at least it’s a start.  Now just have to go on another scavenger hunt for more missing items.  Reminds me — found my battery charger again.  On top of the microwave.  Can’t for life of me figure out why I thought that was good place to put it.  Left it there though.  Looked at home there.

Got another delivery from the farm today.  Four ears of beautiful corn.  Two tonight, two tomorrow night.  Watermelon, squash, green beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes in lots of colors, red and green sweet peppers.  Green beans are ready for crock pot tomorrow, along with potatoes, onions, garlic.  Corn on side.  Mostly leftovers tonight, but at least they are good.  Called…

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More Train Wrecks

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I’m taking a day off from the family blogs.  Oh, believe me, there’s a lot more to come, but today was a train wreck.  This morning I got up from the stool I sit on when I’m doing things in the kitchen, and fell.  Trapped between my power chair and some shelves.  Cell phone recharging across the room instead of in my pocket.  The impact knocked a lot of stuff off the shelves, including an open box of baking soda.  Anyone ever have a box of baking soda spilled on them?  Hair, face, clothes, floor, chair.

It took me about 20 minutes to extricate myself from that awkward position.  On my way over to get the broom to sweep up the soda mess, I bumped into the stove and of course, fell again.  At least it shook some of the soda off my head.  But I heard a loud crash from…

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Train Wrecked Sunday

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I’ve decided it would be better for me to stay out of the kitchen.  And the bedroom.  And the living room.  That leaves the bathroom.  I’ve fallen in there, but that room’s necessary.

100_2378 This is my oven glove.  Repaired with duct tape.  Don’t ask, cause I don’t know.  Just got it three weeks ago and already has a hole in it.  I should but stock in the company that makes duct tape.  Use it for everything.  Only problem — it leaves sticky gunk behind on things if I take it off.

100_2385 That’s what fell off shelves when I backed power chair in them.  Put part of stuff on chair seat.  Then just sat down and contemplated my navel.  Think I’ll have to empty all shelves and re-stock them.  Looked good when first built them.  Everything had a place and I could find it all.  Now have to shift stuff around…

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A Very Strange Day

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Everything has been so quiet here.  No phone calls, no email.  Just tried to call my mom and the phone said “Emergency calls only”.  Saw on FaceBook that others with AT&T are having the same problem.  Can’t even call Customer Care to complain.  Nice way to treat a life long customer.

On the bright side, I went to the grocery this morning.  Drove my broken down power chair.  My problem with the chair is that the seat swivels all the time.  There’s supposed to be a way to keep it straight, but that part is broken.  So…I get in the grocery.  Get to a bin of watermelons.  Wheels of chair hook onto bin, seat swivels to the left.  Next thing I know I’m pulling the bin down an aisle, trying to get unhooked, get seat straightened.  People ask if they can help.  They obviously realize I don’t want the entire bin of…

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To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig

Don’t know why I wrote this in that choppy way, but I’m mainly just trying to save them for now.

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exhaustedGrocery shopping day today.  They must have known I was coming.  Had a barrier around watermelon bin.  Got hooked on it, but couldn’t move it.  Got my melon though, so tomorrow making watermelon pickles.  Yum, yum.

Lots of pork on sale.  Needed bacon and sausage for recipes.  Had Boston butt on sale, so it’s in crockpot now.  Will have barbecue pulled pork sometime tonight.  Got some pita bread to put it in for sandwiches.  Have tomatoes and watermelon pickles and relish for topping sandwich.  Would order pizza, but don’t like ’em that much.  Rather make my own.

Had basket loaded with pig parts and some salmon, then decided needed chicken too.  Remembered the cheese this time.  Basket was loaded so headed to checkout. Will have to go back for rest of things on list.  Almost forgot about watermelon.  Nice lady helped put suff in my reusable bags, and started for…

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