Another Week Gone —

I have accomplished several things this past week, yet haven’t done anything at all. Not quite as strange as it sounds, but getting close. My computer is still being good, slightly slower than a few days ago, but since it has just been sitting here unused for a few days/weeks, that is kinda expected. I […]

via Another Week Gone —


  1. Your link is not working any longer, Angie.
    When I click at your link beside a comment, as you wrote to me, I could not visit you there any longer, but be allowed to buy the domain, if I wished to.
    I hope, that you are enjoying your weekend, dear friend.


    • I’m not sure where to go or what to do next, Irene. I am still trying to merge the two blogs, and half the time I post on the wrong one. This one opened for me today, so it will hopefully be the primary one, and used from now on. I hope.
      I’ll probably end up deleting the one that is for sale, but would really love it if I can find some time to go in and prove to those people that I own that domain, created by me and then registered and paid for by me. I have the receipts but not the energy or time now. If the WP people would only “help” as they say they are there for, it would be fixed by now, but they just sit back and probably try to make more money on the blog I won’t have to worry about it much longer though.

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