Breathing Again

Almost afraid to say this, but I think I have had some success with my computer. At least it is allowing me to stay online for longer periods of time.  Much faster also.  Not sure what I did, but I finally  bungled my way into fixing it.   Only had to delete everything,, reset the thingy, download everything  again and start over completely. And it only took three days to do it!  Three long, frustrating days of wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to just toss it all thru the window!  Three days and nights filled with brain farts–aka, mini-strokes, trying to hold it together while my life passed before me for hours at a time (and really, I’m old, but not that old.  Still trying to recover my home page, but I can live with what is there for now.

100_5451I’m mainly checking out my sites now, attempting to fix any connection problems before they get too big and I have to go thru all of that again.  So I’m not gonna stay on long, just trying to be sure it still works. It does — at least so far. Next step will be either getting used to using Opera for my  home page, or trying one more time to make google work on the updated place.  A


  1. So good to know, that you got it fixed again, dear Angie 🙂
    About one year ago, I got virus or something like that into my old PC. I contacted a well known company to get some help and they did all, what they were able to, but my PC died anyway. It wasn’t young any longer either. One thing they told me, was to only use Mozilla Firefox as a browser, because they are independent and much more secure to use. You can google about them and read more there. I haven’t had any kind of problems with them or with my PC since I bought my new PC and only use Firefox now.

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    • I’ve been jumping thru hoops with this thing, Sue, but after resetting the computer and re-installing most of the apps it is now operating like new. I’m constantly surprised at what I manage to do when desperation takes over after all other avenues are exhausted. Today I finally managed to get the computer to recognize my printer again, the same printer it was using before the big switcheroo. Now I have everything working again so I can relax for a while, or at least I hope I can. I’m having mini-strokes now on a daily basis, so my personal ending could be coming sooner rather than later. At least I’ll be leaving a working computer for one of the family, if they want it. It won’t be my problem any longer, lol. Love to you, ❤ ❤ , Angie

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      • Angie, your logo is still linked to the page that the hackers have overtaken..
        You need to change it to this location

        At the moment Angie your logo says this
        When you change this, you may get many more visitors to your blog, for if people are like me we revisit by clicking your logo sign name,
        Good luck with this one.. And lets hope you can sort this glitch, it will be the final one I think..
        Love to you Sue xxx


      • I’m actually alone Sue. Had a few words with my kids about it and asked for phone calls if they refuse to take the time to visit but was told I am selfish for aasking. I won’t make that mistake again. Told them they now have no obligations to me at all. They wil be notified of my death a week after it occurs and there will be no service or visitation. I won’t allow them to pretend they cared for a room full of strangers if they refuse to visit while I live.
        As for the blog address, I have tried to fix it so many times it makes me tired remembering it. Even asked the Engineers for help a few times but asking and getting it are two different stories. None of it matters anymore. I might just delete all but the one that opens and not care about the hackers. I may have done it myself while trying to merge the two blogs. I DID change the name of one of them to I won’t be able to keep it up much longer so it loses some of it’s importance now.
        Love you Sue. 😇❤💕


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