What A Relief


After several days, hours, and lifetimes, I finally managed to get back online.  Can’t decide if it’s me or my computer, but I’m ready to toss all (almost all) technology out the window, look for a horse and buggy and learn how to send smoke signals.  It’s so frustrating to be four feet from my WiFi and have the ****machine tell me I have no WiFi signal.  I might be convinced of that if the pretty blue lights weren’t sitting there blinking at me, looking like a precursor of that “C” word coming up in December.  It really does seem fitting though, that the gentleman from the cable company came and fixed it today, Labor Day here in the USA.  Nice to discover that they work on holidays though.  I guess it makes for better customer relations for them to send the techs out on weekends and holidays.

I’m enjoying this particular long weekend.  One of my subscription channels is running a M*A*S*H* marathon, and I’ve been watching one rerun after the other since Saturday.  It will probably continue until midnight tonight with the final episode, and I will probably watch it and cry the same way I did the first time I saw it all those years ago.  At least this time the guys of the family won’t be here making fun of my sniffling!   The first time my daughter and I watched it together accompanied by the teasing and laughter of my hubby and sons.  Kinda hard for us to enjoy our tearjerker with that going on, but I can remember Gina getting more upset with them than I did.  Kept telling her to ignore them and that would take the fun out of it so they would stop, but —-.


Doncha love this photo?  A definite oldie but goodie.  One of my brothers took it a few years ago, and considering her youngest is a teenager now I’ll leave the number to your imagination.  Since it involves numbers I find it is safer that way.  I really hate numbers.  They give me a headache!  I suppose they are necessary once in a while, but I have gone 74 years and never once used the algebra I learned, um, supposedly learned in high school.  That was only 55 years ago, but still…Got the answers right.  Just figured them out with logical means rather than following the formulas the teachers insisted on.  Hey, they didn’t make any sense to my logical brain, while my way made sense and gave me the answers I needed at the same time.

OKAY!  I just had an avalanche here.  A stack of papers and about 5 million colored pencils I’ve been using this morning just slid off on the floor.  At least this time I didn’t slide off with them.  Having done that several times in the past I can say for certain it isn’t much fun.  Gathering those papers and picking up the pencils is not going to be much fun either, but I don’t see the poltergeist that put them on the floor sticking around to do the cleanup part for me.

Gotta go now, catch up with some of my reading, eat something, and then take a short nap that is lurking on the edge of my brain cell.  Have a wonderful rest of the day.

The Shelton Memorial at Riverfront (I think)  Pretty, anyway, but have forgotten the time or the setting.  Hmm, the more I look at it, the more it just looks like the old fountain at sunset.  I don’t get down to the river very often anymore.  A.3cbc9f6dc4396b24335de1713613ddae


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