More Memories

From one of my siblings:

youngcousins An assortment (?) of my cousins when we were oh, so young.  1952, maybe?

My favorite memories of childhood are of Christmas!!!Christmas at my Blandford grandparents housewasso much fun  as they always had a present under the tree for each grandchild–all 64 of us (This number could be wrong — with 12 children and  the requeset 6 1/2 children per family it could be more).  Even though all 64 of us may not have been there, each Christmas there were always a lot of children there!   And always laughing and joking, and kids playing.    (My note here:  one Christmas we arrived to find that we had a new cousin, born on Christmas morning!  My birthday is the day after, so it’s nice having someone who didn’t miss his first Christmas by 2 hours!  And the number I heard for cousins was 72 of us.)          

11228500_104848609850589_4985929686782667064_n L to R: Dan, Diane, Carol, Angie

When we were little we would go “up to Grandmother’s”, as they lived next door to us onHighway 81. Their house was just across the field from ours.  When we got older the ones still living at home would come to our house to see what Santa brought us. Afterwards they would go back to the lane to see what Santa brought Leo and Betty Ann’s children.  

My thoughts again:  most of our cousins lived on or near Highway 81, and there were 5 of us in my graduating class.  I’m part of the older generation of cousins so most of the kids I know were in my age group.  There are  some younger cousins I remember as  babies, but never knew them personally.  The names are familiar but the cousin using the name are unknown to me.



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