From Dreamwalker’s Santuary

I will let the poem on this video speak my thoughts today, as I head out into my garden as I put on my wellies after several days of none stop rain the Sun is now drying up the allotments, and I have some declutting of weeds to do, along with some declutting of […]

via Life Goes On~ Make the Most of Yours — Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

One of the first things I found after a wonderful nights sleep was this post by my friend, Sue Dreamwalker.   She makes her corner of the world so lovely with her gardens, and she makes my life so much lovelier with her photos, and of course, with this poem, she makes an apropos point.  Love to you, Sue.  ❤

4 thoughts on “From Dreamwalker’s Santuary

  1. Dear Angie, thank Goodness you reblogged my post.. For the link you left me said it was not available again.. Yet I followed the reblog link and it was fine.. So at last I can get here, refollowed you and so happy to be here again..
    Many thanks for your reblog of my post and for the compliments you paid me and our garden..
    I was sorry to hear your tomatoes were not so good this year.. We win some and we lose some .. Gardening is like that..
    So happy that you got in touch.. LOTS of Love..
    Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I have been looking for you for several weeks, Sue, but just don’t go online very much lately. I’m so tired most of the time I just don’t feel like fighting WP, but then I get some energy back and ready to do battle again. Hopefully I now have you completely out of that spam folder. I bookmark the site for my own blog so I can slide in that way, and as long as I add the KentuckyAngel it goes in okay. The two blogs are sorta combined in a weird way now, making it easier, even though I have to post it on one and reblog it on the other. Complicated sounding but it works. Just wish I could convince everyone to follow the KA’s reflections and have everything on that one so I wouldn’t have to switch just to answer comments, but at least I know how to do it now, and that’s the important part. Haven’t found a way to merge that part. Have a wonderful weekend, Sue.

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      • I hope your weekend was as peaceful as mine, Sue. At least most of it was peace filled with a few minor glitches. Nothing I couldn’t handle though.
        Hopefully we can keep you out of my spam folder now. It was easy to find it this time, though. I’ve had more success finding my blog lately, also, so maybe I finally caught the attention of the powers that be. One can only hope!


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