Not Much Happenin’ Lately —

This photo is just for nostalgic reasons, or maybe because up until yesterday and today it has been hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalks around here. I prefer my eggs scrambled, but I guess you get the picture. And since this blog can’t be found by anyone, including me, I’ll immediately reblog it […]

via Not Much Happenin’ Lately —

6 thoughts on “Not Much Happenin’ Lately —

  1. Sorry to hear that problems are still occurring here at your blog. I found you via the reblog of my post.. Maybe if you do that with others who visited here, that will work also Angie.. xxx ❤ Hugs my friend .. Hang on in there xx x

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    • I had to dig this one out of the spam folder also. I don’t think WP likes me much, but they will find I can be a tough nut to crack when pushed too far. Providing I happen to have a little bit of energy at that time, of course. I’ll keep trying til we get something straight, or I die, whichever comes first.

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    • Sue, I’m almost afraid to say anything here, but I have actually been able to log into my site today. This one, that is. I’ll have to see what happens with the other one just to see if it will open yet. Lots of Hugs, ((())) ❤

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      • Still couldn’t get in to the other one, so I made a couple of changes, like this new look. I’m getting in here okay, so have renamed it “Reflections On Life” and made it the primary. I think I know what is wrong with the original one, but just can’t find a way to edit the information, which includes an incorrect http: address. So far they have let me use this as the primary, so if I can figure out how to get people to come here instead of the other one, re-follow me on this one, and give me one more chance, just maybe it will all work out. I think I have a headache from it all! Hugs, ((())) ❤ ❤ ❤


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