My Brown Thumb Is Back

100_5400I have a tomato plant again this year, and this is what it looked like a few days ago– before I overwatered it and drowned the poor plant.  Now I have suctioned the excess water out with my turkey baster, added more soil, stuck in paper towels and old newspapers to try to sop up the water, and trimmed almost every part of the plant off just so these little tomatoes will ripen –I hope!  What a disaster!  I’m even spending several minutes talking to the plant now, soft words of encouragement to help it grow again.  Or to save what I can of the plant.  I just don’t want the word to go out among the plant life in the area that I kill my plants.  At one time I am convinced they all heard about me and committed suicide on the way home to avoid the fate this poor tomato has suffered.


My orchids are still healthy, and I’m thankful for that.  I probably should keep them away from the tomato just to make sure they don’t get discouraged and worry about drowning also.  Maybe I should research tomato vines as much as I’ve researched the orchids, and follow a few new methods of trying to keep an indoor tomato plant healthy.  I’ve found some wonderful websites that offer advice on raising orchids, and I’m still learning more about them on a daily basis.  For one thing, they really are NOT the delicate plants I always thought they would be. They are listed as parasites, not exactly a compliment in my humble opinion, but that makes them much easier to raise than the roses that I once tried and failed to grow.  They were definitely outdoor plants, and while my Dad had a beautiful rose garden at one time, mine failed to thrive.  Nice way to put it, huh?


4 thoughts on “My Brown Thumb Is Back

  1. Sorry about your tomato plant.. Your orchid is beautiful Angie.. They are very easy to maintain, and like you said can stand a lot of neglect.. I have had several orchids now for several years.. Allowing them to dry out and have a rest period is the key.. ( loads of information to be found on the net about keeping them )
    Wishing you a very good weekend Love and Hugs Sue xx

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    • Woah, I had to dig you out of the spam folder again here. I keep hoping they will all
      bloom again before they are gone completely. I have found a lot of information on a couple of websites, so I keep those handy for quick reference when something looks hinky. Lots of love and hugs, A. XOXOXO

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      • Still free at the moment, Sue. I’m lovin’ that I can actually get the comments again, but it IS just for this site. The “main” one is still coming up “not found”. I may spend more time trying to get them merged tonight. Can’t think of any appointments tomorrow that will require me to be wide awake, 🙂
        Hugs, A XOXOXO ❤


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