To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig

Don’t know why I wrote this in that choppy way, but I’m mainly just trying to save them for now.

Angie's Place

exhaustedGrocery shopping day today.  They must have known I was coming.  Had a barrier around watermelon bin.  Got hooked on it, but couldn’t move it.  Got my melon though, so tomorrow making watermelon pickles.  Yum, yum.

Lots of pork on sale.  Needed bacon and sausage for recipes.  Had Boston butt on sale, so it’s in crockpot now.  Will have barbecue pulled pork sometime tonight.  Got some pita bread to put it in for sandwiches.  Have tomatoes and watermelon pickles and relish for topping sandwich.  Would order pizza, but don’t like ’em that much.  Rather make my own.

Had basket loaded with pig parts and some salmon, then decided needed chicken too.  Remembered the cheese this time.  Basket was loaded so headed to checkout. Will have to go back for rest of things on list.  Almost forgot about watermelon.  Nice lady helped put suff in my reusable bags, and started for…

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