A Very Strange Day

Angie's Place

Everything has been so quiet here.  No phone calls, no email.  Just tried to call my mom and the phone said “Emergency calls only”.  Saw on FaceBook that others with AT&T are having the same problem.  Can’t even call Customer Care to complain.  Nice way to treat a life long customer.

On the bright side, I went to the grocery this morning.  Drove my broken down power chair.  My problem with the chair is that the seat swivels all the time.  There’s supposed to be a way to keep it straight, but that part is broken.  So…I get in the grocery.  Get to a bin of watermelons.  Wheels of chair hook onto bin, seat swivels to the left.  Next thing I know I’m pulling the bin down an aisle, trying to get unhooked, get seat straightened.  People ask if they can help.  They obviously realize I don’t want the entire bin of…

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