Wha’ The Heck?

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I found a few treasures while noodling around on my android device today.  This photo, created for me when I first began blogging by Don Charisma, fellow blogger, was one of those.  This was the name of my first blog from several years ago, lost after I took it to a paid account, much the same as my latest, http://reflectionsonlife.com.  I’m not sure why this venue is doing this to me, but it is totally frustrating.  WP is the easiest venue as far as writing, editing and posting, but for some reason as soon as I try taking it a step farther by paying for more space it just seems to go away, show up on an open market site with a “‘for sale”  sign attached, or just absolutely disappear from view.  I’m not sure how I managed to find the three posts from the past that I reblogged earlier today, but I was certainly happy to find them.  Especially since it hasn’t been that long since I deleted these posts and just stopped blogging for several months while I played catch-up with my health problems.


I’m now going to try to find the old, original posts just so I can remember what it was like in the beginning, before my sense of humor took a slight turn to the sour, acerbic side.  I’ll continue checking my android for the good old days of blogging, and reblog as many as possible, while continuing to add more from this new site I had to create after attempting to take http://reflectionsonlife.wordpress.com to http://reflectionsonlife.com, a paid site that supposedly adds more options.  As I have discovered, the new options include loss of the site, only to find it offered for sale on something called “Blog Domains”.  Having already paid for that domain, with papers to prove it, I have absolutely no intention of  paying whoever helps themselves to the WP sites for access to my own blog, paid for with accompanying paperwork, for the privilege of using that site.  Therefore, please, just ignore that site from now on, because even I can’t bring it up myself, and follow me on this one that you are reading now.  In a few days I’ll just delete the old one, after an attempt to force WP to refund my money, and try to just get rid of everything that has to do with it, and use this as my primary.  OR, even better. I’ll just make this one the primary so I can find it myself without jumping thru hoops in the attempt. I sure miss all of my WP friends, especially when I try to click on the comments and nothing happens.  Love you all.  A

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