The Early Years

Another one found today. I think I found a gold mine.

Kentucky Angel's Train Wrecks

Sunday 4-27-14 005 I wrote this earlier today. but it somehow got lost in cyberspace.  I will try to re-write it as closely as I can, sice the original has been filed away again and I am too tired to dig it out a second time.


I don’t what age you were when you became aware of your first memories. kiddos, but some of mine date bake to when I was very young.  They all involve my evil big brother Tony, who has grown up to be a really nice person.  But who could have know back then?  Nothing will be in order, because as I remember events they are all random.

One thing I remember well is my first haircut.  I was born as bald as an egg.  Gina, Don, hush.  You were also.  Mike, I guess you can laugh, since you had a head full of Blandford hair, thick…

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