Kentucky Angel’s Train Wrecks

I found this one today and just for laughs decided to reblog it. Not sure what I did to find it, but what a hoot!

Kentucky Angel's Train Wrecks

Hey world, I’m baaaaack!   New name, but the same old me.  I forget if I remember when the last post of Angie’s Place was, but oh my, what a train wreck my life has been since early December.  I fell.  Big news there, huh?  Only this time I didn’t hit my head.  As my dear son is fond of telling me, if I would just hit my head I would be okay.  But this time, no.  I hit my left shoulder.  And naturally it broke.  So one joint replacement, and several weeks of fruitless frustration later, with the help of Kevin, from the WordPress team, and my grateful thanks to Mark B. who was able to get their attention, I got a new blog.  Something seems wrong here.  New shoulder, new blog.  And both causing a pain in the butt.

doncharisma-org-not-on-freshly-pressed-award-4-300x300I had several awards on the old blog, but this…

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