Growing Up

Kentucky Angel's Train Wrecks

ain't notin' Growing up in the country was fun.  Our house was just across a pasture from Grandmother and Papa, and most of my cousins lived within a mile of us.  And oh, my, do I ever have cousins!  Hundreds of them.

Tony started to school in September of our first year in the country, so the barn burning incident was the last of our huge destructive incidents.  Did I say Our?  I really meant HIS.  I just followed along for the ride.  We could climb the fence and run across the pasture to visit Grandmother and Papa any time we wanted, and there was always something interesting going on over there.  Both of my aunts still lived at home, and 3 or 4 of my uncles lived there also.  And oh, they were a fun group to be around.

The uncles who came home from the war brought back an Army…

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