Put on your SPF!

Good and timely advice for us all!

Watching the Daisies


It is such a joy to spend time in the mighty outdoors after a long winter. However, I am re-posting “Put on your SPF” which originates from May 2016, as a reminder to use a sunscreen.

Yesterday, I drove around 30 miles, parked my car then climbed two long flights of stairs to a large waiting room. I felt quite anxious.  I was back for a six month review after having a 2 cm wide basal cell carcinoma removed from the bridge of my nose.

I did not want a recurrence.

I have always been respectful of the sun’s rays and applied a good SPF when needed; I now wear a hat for extra protection.

Two red spots had joined my fading scar for a couple of weeks then disappeared.  This morning I looked in the mirror and a new red mark had appeared!

Thankfully, the news was good.

“It is just scar tissue,” the efficient Dermatologist announced.

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