Fun, Fun, Fun


I’ll have a better photo to post here later, I hope.  But this is the one that showed up so this is the one I’ll go with for now.  My new cabinet, finally built and in place, TV, WiFi and cable box on top, but the rest of that will have to wait a moment til I managed to get the photo to actually “take” in my library.  I’m getting in a rush and things are not working out too well that way.  




I’m still marvelling at how these two pieces, purchased two years apart at two different places are so perfectly matched.  The new one, glass doors and all, was a joint effort when it came to constructing it.  Getting it home was the first challenge, solved when I found a gentleman here in my building who has a truck. He brought it home and up to my apartment, but was not able to help with the construction.  My friend across the hall was in bad health at the time and couldn’t help, so I pulled it all out of the carton, separated the parts, then began what I could of the construction.  Not much of a start, because it seemed to grow heavier with each movement, so after a couple of hours I called it a job well begun, crawled in my nest and slept a couple of days.  Well, maybe hours is closer, but sleep is always good.

My neighbor from across the hall came over a few days later, bringing electric toys, um, tools, and got it about 2/3 finished before being called away, and son, Mike came on Wednesday, accompanied by the angel he married, and they finished the job.  Mike is now getting around with one crutch, but still scared me a couple of times when he started trying to walk around.  Way too much like my way of moving to suit me.  It was great to see him in less pain though, and I still think Janette deserves sainthood, all the medals in the world, being voted best wife of the century, and any other accolade around for having to put up with my little boy when he is confined to home and unable to get out on that farm, or back to work for that matter.

Guess it is time for me to call it a day.  A very full day, with company most of it, watching classic movies on TV, talking and generally just having a good time.  But it just occurred to me I haven’t had lunch yet and it is almost time for my midnight snack. This could be really serious, folks.  Food on hand and I forgot to eat it?  Tragic!  Have a great weekend.  A.

From Dreamwalker’s Santuary

I will let the poem on this video speak my thoughts today, as I head out into my garden as I put on my wellies after several days of none stop rain the Sun is now drying up the allotments, and I have some declutting of weeds to do, along with some declutting of […]

via Life Goes On~ Make the Most of Yours — Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

One of the first things I found after a wonderful nights sleep was this post by my friend, Sue Dreamwalker.   She makes her corner of the world so lovely with her gardens, and she makes my life so much lovelier with her photos, and of course, with this poem, she makes an apropos point.  Love to you, Sue.  ❤

My Brown Thumb Is Back

100_5400I have a tomato plant again this year, and this is what it looked like a few days ago– before I overwatered it and drowned the poor plant.  Now I have suctioned the excess water out with my turkey baster, added more soil, stuck in paper towels and old newspapers to try to sop up the water, and trimmed almost every part of the plant off just so these little tomatoes will ripen –I hope!  What a disaster!  I’m even spending several minutes talking to the plant now, soft words of encouragement to help it grow again.  Or to save what I can of the plant.  I just don’t want the word to go out among the plant life in the area that I kill my plants.  At one time I am convinced they all heard about me and committed suicide on the way home to avoid the fate this poor tomato has suffered.


My orchids are still healthy, and I’m thankful for that.  I probably should keep them away from the tomato just to make sure they don’t get discouraged and worry about drowning also.  Maybe I should research tomato vines as much as I’ve researched the orchids, and follow a few new methods of trying to keep an indoor tomato plant healthy.  I’ve found some wonderful websites that offer advice on raising orchids, and I’m still learning more about them on a daily basis.  For one thing, they really are NOT the delicate plants I always thought they would be. They are listed as parasites, not exactly a compliment in my humble opinion, but that makes them much easier to raise than the roses that I once tried and failed to grow.  They were definitely outdoor plants, and while my Dad had a beautiful rose garden at one time, mine failed to thrive.  Nice way to put it, huh?


Really Reflecting

While doing battle with my laptop just to get online, I started thinking about some of my other battles.  The first one that came to mind was my personal Battle Of  The Bulge in the days before I lost weight the hard way.

4 Generations

That was me several years ago.  But ya know something?  I sure would like to have some of that fluff back (my friends and I call that the “fluffy” look).  Trying to find clothes that fit now (size 3 or 4, rather that +) is next to impossible in this town.  Unless of course, you are a teenager and look okay in the leggings, the jeggings, and the cropped, skinny jeans that are just not made for old lady bods.  Especially the ones that can’t seem to work off that baby fat that clings almost 50 years after my last baby was a valid excuse for it.  Even worse is the noticeable lack of a caboose.  If you ever see me in the boys department of a clothing store, that is the reason I’ll be there.  It’s just plumb embarrassing, and it seems to be slightly genetic.  I inherited this from my mom and grandmother.  Doesn’t sound like a problem?   Try being stuck in a power chair with no standing options away from home!  Talk about a pain in the butt!


Which brings up the age old question of sizing.  Clothing sizes, that is.  This is a photo of me wearing my wedding dress — size 12.   That dress today would be closer to size 6.  And that was my size (12, not 6) from my baby days until I had my first baby!  After that day I managed to gain some baby fat on a regular basis, like every time I shoved a cookie in my mouth.  Mmm, yeah, A cookie.   More like a dozen cookies per sitting.  I baked dozens of cookies when my kids were in school.  Still do, for that matter, but it was safer back then when I could send packages of cookies to each of the kids teachers.  Edd and friends took care of the rest back then.  Now?  I palm off as many as possible to the staff and friends in the building, but everyone I know lately is trying to lose weight.  Or they are diabetic.  I happen to be diabetic also, but now have more trouble keeping my blood sugar up than trying to get it down.  Oh, well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.


So, this is me in 1995, newly divorced and lookin’ my best.  Or maybe still going thru the divorce — it’s hard to remember now.  The only part worth remembering is that it was a good thing, at least for us.  He found the love of his life and I found that I’m much better going it alone.  I was also at my thinnest in years and years and (my kids were all married and gone from the nest, so no baby fat at the time) couldn’t figure out how to cook for  one person, cooking for a crowd meant I would have to eat the same thing for about six months, so just snacked on stuff for a few months while learning to live in town, so different from my country roots.  I’m still trying to figure that one out, though.  And, oh golly gee, I’ve run out of potato chips!  Which means I have to go forage in the pantry, closets, and any other place a stray chip could be hiding.  Have a good day!